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 School Improvement for 2013-14

New School Improvement data will be coming soon.  Be sure to check back in September!

Goal I:    To deliver the highest quality education and appropriate support for each student while meeting and exceeding state (SOL) and national standards (AMOs).

Performance Targets for School Improvement:

  1. WHES will meet overall federal AMOs and focus on gap groups and subgroups to reduce failure rates (
  2. WHES will increase Pass Advanced rates in Reading and Math for all students
  3. Instructional achievement, enrichment and remediation strategies will continue to be monitored for all students, with special emphasis on monitoring those students in one or more subgroups. 
  4. WHES will implement LIPES to maximize teacher effectiveness and increase student achievement.


Goal II:   To promote and increase parental and community confidence by generating involvement and community partnerships.

Performance Targets for School Improvement:

!.  Devise a plan to meet the following areas of focus as identified in survey results:

    1. Teacher Communication
    2. Calendar Communication
    3. Technology use for instruction
  1. Efforts will be made to continually improve communication.  Our weekly Tuesday Tidbit in hard and electronic copies, monthly calendar highlights and website will assist in this effort.

Goal III: Promote the safety and security needs of students and employees through the implementation of the schoolís crisis plan and practices that support the school systemís safety procedures.

Performance Targets for School Improvement:

  1. The Crisis Plan will be up-dated and communicated to stakeholders. Implement fire drills, reverse evacuation, shelter-in-place, and lockdown drills as part of the Crisis Plan.
  1. The school will continue to maintain a high level of safety precautions.  The School Crisis Team will continue to assess the effectiveness of existing safety measures.
  1. WHES will continue our School Improvement Behavior/Wellness committee. 

Goal IV: Implement new initiatives and regulations to ensure compliance with state and local     regulations/standards.

Performance Targets for School Improvement:

  1. WHES will continue to measure student performance against state, national, and international standards. The ADVANC-ED School Improvement Plan is a fluid document and the basis for our school improvement efforts throughout the year.
  1. Special Education teachers, CIMS secretary, and administration will work in close coordination to ensure that CIMS/SEAS data is accurate and timely.
  1. The goal of this initiative is to increase collaboration amongst colleagues within Washington Henry and across the county. The principal will coordinate opportunities for a cadre of teachers from WHES to participate in a cohort with Rural Point Elementary, Battlefield park Elementary and Kersey Creek Elementary to use classroom observations as a foundation for instructional dialogue on best practices.
  1. Teachers will participate in monthly PD 21 modules and discussion of classroom implementation. 










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