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 Physical Education                  

 Ms. Moran, P. E. Teacher
Welcome to the physical education web page. Physical education promotes mental, physical, social and emotional growth through a wide variety of activities which develop competency in motor skills and efficiency of movement.                                                                      

As a part of the total school program, physical education provides movement-centered experiences which help students to realize their fullest potential as an individual in a democratic society. These learning experiences are planned to insure a progression of skills directed toward the enjoyment of leisure-time activities and total fitness of an individual.

The physical education program is designed to provide students with skills basic to involvement in team and individual sports which exhibit expression, courage, perseverance, and self-respect.

The goals of the physical education program are as follows:

1) The student will develop organic strength and physical fitness and will acquire the appropriate knowledge and understanding about these two areas for future use in life.
2) The student will acquire the appropriate knowledge, understanding, and execution of physical skills for wholesome use of leisure time.
3) The student will develop efficient and graceful body control and movement.
4) The student will demonstrate desirable social skills, sound mental health, and safe participation.



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