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Our 5th Grade Teachers: 
Mrs. Campell, Mrs. Grizzard, Ms. Mills, & Mrs. Post


Student Expectations




Fifth grade students will review computation and learn new material including:

  • Fractions and Decimals

  • Geometry

  • Graphing

  • Measurement

  • Probability

  • Statistics

  • Algebra

Please continue to take time to study multiplication facts. It is a necessary skill to help with the material in Fifth grade.

Here are a few helpful websites with games for review:

Here are two great websites with video tutorials on math for parents: :)

We will be learning lots of new material including:

  • Scientific method

  • The Rock Cycle

  • Oceanography

  • Cells

  • Matter

  • Kingdoms

  • The Earth’s Surface

  • Light/Sound

Students will also have the option of completing a Scientific Method project for the HCPS Arts & Science Festival.

Here are a few suggested websites for review:

  • JLab -  Select Science 5, the number of questions, type in your name, and take a quiz

  • SOL Pass - Login using Washington Henry Elementary, password: whes




Language Arts:

  • Reading:

    • We will read a multiple types of literature this year over a variety of genres.

    • There will also be an emphasis on poetry and figurative language.

    • Students will be expected to read outside of the classroom multiple times throughout the week. Research supports that students who read outside of school make more progress in reading, vocabulary development, and comprehension which helps them to be more successful in ALL content areas.

RAZ Kids/Kids A-Z

  • Writing:

    • We will be working continuously throughout the writing process with a variety of topics.

    • Students will be expected to take a piece of writing through the entire writing process at least once per nine weeks.

    • The experience of writing will be shared through peer and teacher editing.

  • Opportunities for oral presentations are also provided throughout the year to build confidence in public speaking.


Suggested Social Studies:

Fifth grade students will focus on geography. Key concepts will include:

  • Map Skills (latitude and longitude, map keys, etc.)

  • Identifying Geographic Features on Maps

  • Locating and Identifying Continents, Major Bodies of Water, and States

  • Analyzing the Physical and Geographic Regions of the U.S. for Specific Characteristics


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