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2nd Grade Teachers:

Mrs. Leadbetter,  Mrs. Cridlin & Mrs. Penny


Student Expectations




Our focus in second grade is on developing multiple ways to represent numbers and their relationships to each other. This is done by using concrete objects to represent abstract numerical concepts. We then incorporate strategies and words to compare numbers, and later develop an understanding of the effects of applying simple operations to numbers, and recognizing reasonable solutions. The students will also develop the skills to communicate the relationships between numbers orally, with pictures, words and numbers.  It is during second grade that students work on mastering basic addition and subtraction facts to 20.

**Ongoing skills in second grade include: calendar, ordinal, even/odd numbers and patterning.***

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Second grade Science instruction focuses on scientific reasoning and inquiry. Data is collected, recorded and analyzed through experiments and hands on applications. We compare and contrast observations and make conclusions based on discoveries.

 Our units of study include: Force, Motion and Energy, Matter, Life Processes and Living Systems, Earth’s Resources, Patterns, Cycles and Changes.

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 Social Studies

We will continue to develop map skills and to recognize that US is a land of people who are diverse in their origins, customs, traditions and contributions to community. The heritage and contributions of the following groups will be introduced/studied: the people of Ancient China, Ancient Egypt and American Indians, past and present, as well as various Famous Americans. Basic Economics concepts will also be explored.

The Social Studies curriculum is supported through the use of various forms of interactive technologies, role playing and demonstrations.

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Language Arts-Spelling. Reading and Writing


This is an interactive, multisensory approach that makes learning fun!  Fundations  provides a foundation for reading and spelling through skills which build upon previously learned concepts. Skills :include letter formation, phonological awareness, vocabulary, ”trick words”(irregular/word wall words),fluency, comprehension and written composition.

Four Square Writing

Four Square Writing is a systematic and organized way of learning to write sentences and paragraphs through the use of graphic organizers. Organizers help students to conceptualize, understand, and structure their writing.

Guided Reading

Second grade teachers will use differentiated small group reading instruction based on individual student needs. Students will continue to work on improving accuracy and fluency skills begun in first grade.  They will also learn comprehension strategies.

Websites for review and practice:

http://www.raz-kids.com/login   (Second grade teachers will provide login information)

















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