5th Grade P.E. Standards

Strands for Physical Education:

  The Student will/are/is:

Skilled Movement

  • design and perform complex educational gymnastic sequences, including travel, roll, balance, and weight transfer, with smooth transitions and changes of direction, speed, and flow.
  • design and perform different types of rhythm/dance sequences and or routine.

Movement Principles & Concepts

  • apply movement concepts of body, space, effort, and relationship to movement.
  • apply principles of accuracy, force, and follow-through when projecting objects.
  • identify and demonstrate basic small-group offensive and defensive tactics and strategies (e.g., body fakes, use of speed, change of direction, keeping body low while moving/guarding).
  • identify and apply principles of practice to enhance performance (e.g., form, consistency, repetition).
  • use feedback to improve performance, including available technology.

Personal Fitness

  • describe short and long term benefits of engaging in regular physical activity.
  • identify sources of data collection (e.g., print materials, community resources, heart rate monitors, Internet, pedometers, skin fold calipers).
    analyze fitness data to describe and improve personal fitness levels. (e.g., apply data to own plan for improvement in at least two components of health related fitness).

Responsible Behaviors

  • work independently and with others to improve learning during physical activity.
  • display appropriate cooperative and competitive behaviors.
  • understand their role in maintaining a safe learning environment.

Physically Active Lifestyles

  • identify and participate regularly in physical activities at school, in the community, and at home based on personal abilities and interests (e.g., for improvement through practice, for enjoyment, for social interaction, for personal challenge).