4th Grade P.E. Standards

Strands for Physical Education:

  The Student will/are/is:

Skilled Movement

  • demonstrate proficiency in specialized locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skill combinations in game and modified sports activities (e.g., throw to a partner while he/she runs to catch, dribble and pass soccer ball/basketball to a moving receiver, catch thrown objects, continuously strike a ball against a backboard or wall with an implement).
  • demonstrate moving to a rhythm (e.g., perform a variety of educational dances with different international and regional American formations; create educational dances, combining shapes, levels, pathways, and locomotor patterns, and having apparent beginning, middle, and end).
  • perform smooth sequences that combine four or more of the following movements: traveling, balancing, rolling, and other types of weight transfer.

Movement Principles & Concepts

  • recall and demonstrate movement principles and concepts for selected motor patterns and combination skills (e.g., trajectory, force, speed).
  • apply movement principles and concepts to basic game strategies.
  • use movement principles to improve personal performance and provide feedback to others.

Personal Fitness

  • identify the components of health-related fitness (e.g., cardio respiratory endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition).
  • apply data from standardize health-related fitness assessment to determine personal fitness goals.
  • apply the FITT (Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type) principle of training to implement personal fitness goals.

Responsible Behaviors

  • work productively and respectfully with others in achieving a common group goal.
  • work toward positive solutions in resolving disagreements.
  • demonstrate appropriate etiquette and application of rules and procedures.
  • identify the contributions different cultures have made to sport, dance, and recreation.

Physically Active Lifestyles

  • identify opportunities to participate in regular physical activity at home, at school, and in the community.