2nd Grade P.E. Standards

Strands for Physical Education:

  The Student will/are/is:

Skilled Movement

  • demonstrate the manipulative skills of throwing, catching, kicking, striking, volleying, and dribbling individually and with a partner.
  • demonstrate balance, roll, transfer of weight, and flight in an educational gymnastic sequence.
  • demonstrate moving to a rhythm by combining locomotor and non-locomotor skills to perform basic educational folk and creative dance sequences.

Movement Principles & Concepts

  • demonstrate movement the concepts of weight transfer in non-locomotor and locomotor skills.
  • use the concept of relationships (e.g., over, under, around, in front of, behind, and through) in dynamic movement situations.
  • review combinations of directions, levels, and pathways. 

Personal Fitness

  • identify and participate in physical activities that promote cardio respiratory, muscular, and flexibility benefits.

Responsible Behaviors

  • exhibit cooperative, respectful, and safe behaviors in physical activity.

Physically Active Lifestyles

  • identify opportunities outside of school and are encouraged to participate in regular physical activities.