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 Fifth Grade

Welcome to Fifth Grade!

Welcome to fifth grade! Listed below you will find some important information as well as some of our goals for our fifth grade students. We look forward to your support of our efforts in these areas.

Fifth grade students participate in the Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program (DARE) with our School Resource Officer, Officer Newsome.  Please visit the South Anna Elementary DARE Website!

Weekly Agenda/Papers: This year, SAES will continue to implement the Tuesday Folders throughout all of the grades. Every Tuesday, a brief overview of the coming week will be sent home with your child. This will include information such as: objectives in each subject, quiz and test dates, and calendar updates. Along with this agenda will be all of your child's papers from the previous week. Please sign the front of the folder and return on Wednesday.

Homework: The fifth grade homework policy is below.

Absences: Please send a note to school with your child on the day he/she returns from being absent from school- even if you called the school. Thanks so much.

Click here to access the Virginia Department of Education's Standards of Learning webpage, and learn more about the Standards at the fifth grade level.

Working together, we can help your child have a wonderful and very successful school year!

5th Grade Homework Policy:

Purpose of Homework:

·    Provides reinforcement of skills taught during class

·    Provides independent practice of skills

·    Instills self-discipline and  time management skills

 Homework Assignments:

·    Homework assignments are designed to take an average of 1 hour for an average 5th grader

·    Homework assignments should be able to be completed by the student independently


   Homework Tips:

Help your child find a location to do the homework that is free from as many distractions as possible.

Make sure your child has all necessary supplies and materials before he/she starts homework.

Parents please check the homework assignment book each night to make sure all homework is done and to check for any teacher correspondence (thanks so much!).

Remind your child to place all completed homework either in a homework folder in the binder or hooked into the 3-rings of the correct subject section of the binder – no homework stuffed into the backpack please!

“Homework Lifelines” – they can call a friend, “poll the family”, or, if necessary, see their teacher first thing in the morning for assistance (or during Prime Time of the day the assignment is given)

 Homework actually begins during class – homework completion is much easier when a student  listens attentively, comes prepared to class, and participates in all class activities. 

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