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 Second Grade

The Teachers:

Mrs. Jill Cole

Mrs. Kim Farnsworth
Mrs. Kala Vallies

Mrs. Shannon Parker

Our Goal: To create a learning environment that meets individual needs and promotes a feeling of success in each child.

Reading:   turnpage.gif (1625 bytes)

The Book: Harcourt Brace Reading Series

Important Skills: vocabulary building, phonetic decoding of words, sequence of events, main idea, locating information in reference materials.

Trade Books: to supplement the reading program, to expose children to a variety of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry selections.



Students are taught how to use the editing process.

Portfolio: This is a collection of the student's individual writing throughout the year.  We encourage creative writing to develop style, composing, word usage, and writing mechanics.  The portfolio will be sent home at the end of the second, fourth, and sixth grading periods.



The Book: Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley

Important Skills:   graphing, place value, skip counting, fractions, geometric shapes, measuring, adding and subtracting with or without regrouping, telling time to the five minutes, and counting coins and dollars.



SOL Lessons:  use of science process skills to investigate magnets, solids, liquids, gases, plant and animal life cycles, habitats, weather and seasonal changes.


Social Studies:

SOL Lessons: the study of communities, China, Egypt, Native Americans, maps, the economy, citizenship, and laws.


Special Activities:
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Thanksgiving Feast

Spring Egg Hunt 

Spring Musical

Spring field trip

Field day activities

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