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Ms. Cindy Harwood

Ms. Judith Goolsby

Ms. Mary Thorpe



Kindergarten Aides:


Ms. Connie Dominey

Ms. Cindy Castaldo

Kindergarten students enjoy many social and academic experiences during their first year at Rural Point.  Our language arts curriculum includes letter and sound recognition, rhyming, sight words, and creative writing.  In math, we focus on number recognition and counting skills, patterning, graphing, and other SOL areas.  Our unit studies also consist of social studies and science activities that relate directly to the SOL's.

Our year also centers around special days (i.e. Hat Day, Pajama Day) as well as holiday parties.  We enjoy two field trips, one in the fall and one in the spring, and we encourage parent involvement in all of our activities! At Rural Point, kindergarten is always a busy and exciting time!

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