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 Fourth Grade


Fourth Grade

Hello!  Meet the fourth grade teachers at Rural Point Elementary School:

Mrs. Deborah Dunham

Mrs. Jennifer Elkins

Ms. Heather Robertson

Mrs. Wendy Bohannon

 Reading: In reading this year, we are using a number of strategies for  organizing thinking skills, fluency, and vocabulary development through small group reading instruction.  Students read nightly for W.E.B. time, and many are involved in the Reading Olympics!

 Language Arts/Writing:  This year’s writing focus will be developing student's writing skills through planning, organizing, writing, editing, and publishing various writings.  Students will keep an online writing portfolio of their work.

 Math: Our year begins with place value and is moves through addition and subtraction of whole numbers.  We quickly begin practicing multiplication and division facts to 12.  Those facts will be applied in mnay units throughout the 4th grade year. Students complete a daily math review each morning , and these problems are discussed each day in math class.

 Science:  Students will have the benefit of learning with all four fourth-grade teachers this year!  Units of study include: energy, plants, the solar system, weather, electricity and magnetism, and ecosystems.  Students are using interactive notebooks to enhance their learning!

 Social Studies:  Hold on tight...we will cover 400 years of history this year! We begin the year with map skills, and move on to Virginia’s five regions.  Students learn what makes each region different.  Students also learn about the resources and products of the regions of Virginia.  Students have SOL questions and a quiz each week.  Teachers read aloud trade books related to Virginia.  Virginia has a rich history.  Many famous Americans who helped shape this nation were born in our great state!


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