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First Grade


Welcome to First Grade!


Mrs. Kathy Denton

Mrs. Christi Byrd

Mrs. Denise Dubec

Mrs. Betsy Lett


Language Arts

-Reading- Harcourt Brace reading series in addition to Guided Reading leveled books

-Fundations- emphasizes phonemic awareness, high frequency word study, handwriting and spelling

-Writing- forming complete sentences-on topic with correct punctuation, stories with a beginning, middle and end



-learning in a variety of ways- whole group, small group, partner work, independent using a variety of manipulatives and computer games

-key focus- Number Sense, Patterns, Graphing, Addition/Subtraction, Counting Coins, Telling Time, Measurement


Unit Study (Science and Social Studies)

-lessons incorporated throughout the curriculum in reading, writing and math

-units tie into seasons, holidays, events, etc.


First Grade FUN Facts

-Star Student of the week

-Book Buddies with 5th Graders

-Trip to Maymont to learn about Reptiles (Fall trip)

-Trip to I-max to learn about animal habitats (Spring trip)

-Visit from the Math and Science Center

-Annual Gingerbread Man Cookie Baking



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