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Katy Atkinson, Art Teacher

I believe…

Art is essential for all students;
Art education is a sequential process integrated with other fields of study;
Art education provides opportunities to increase a positive self-concept;
Art education provides students with necessary skills for problem solving;
Art is a universal language of visual communication, refining perceptual skills; and
Art education is an on-going process and essential for life-long learning.

Pole Green Gators visit the art room weekly for 45 minute sessions.  During that time, students explore art making, art history, aesthetics, and art criticism.  Students are exposed to a variety of media and processes by which they exercise new found skills in creative problem solving.

Pole Green Elementary actively seeks opportunities to exhibit the fine art work produced by our  "Gators". Throughout the year you will find selected artwork hanging in the school hallways and at special events or locations like the Arts & Science Festival, during Youth Art Month, and in neighboring businesses. 

I believe art is an integral part to life-long learning.  Please feel free to stop by and see your Gator artists at work!



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