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 Philosophy and Purpose of the Art Program    

Art is about ideas; before humanity used written language, thoughts were recorded through visual symbols. According to Ha'damard, J.(1.) both Aristotle and Einstein thought first in symbols and images when forming new ideas.

Art provides a unique way of knowing the world through various symbols. It is also a thread in the development of all cultures which requires discipline and motivation in order to stimulate the senses. Stimulation of the senses is basic to all learning and enhances opportunities for discovery, seeing and expressing.

Students involved with visual thinking and communicating as a part of the educational experience have the opportunity to sharpen their perceptual awareness while responding personally to their environment, experience, imagination and feelings. "Perceptual awareness is the ability to use imagery; to perceive objects in space; to use and to comprehend graphic language such as maps, blueprints, drawings, diagrams; to see visual order; to recognize beauty, symbols, excellence, and expression" (2.)

Art concepts are taught in a systematic, sequential manner that reflect the Hanover County Standards of Learning. These standards in corporate the Virginia Standards as well as the National Standards of Learning. Through the study of these concepts the student will develop the knowledge and skill needed for greater visual perception. This will lead to greater creative thinking and higher value judgments that will enhance potential in all fields of study, thus enriching life.

(1.) Einstein, A. Quoted by Ha'damard,J. in The Psychology of Invention in the Mathematical Field, Princeton University

(2.) Art is Elementary - Teaching Visual Thinking Through Art Concepts, Cornia, Stubbs Winters, Peregrine Smith Books

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