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 Welcome to Kindergarten at MES! We're so excited to start your child's education here with us. In Kindergarten we have very busy days of literacy and math groups, science and social studies lessons, resources classes, and much more. Students will go to library, art, music and gym weekly. We are also excited to have 2 new SmartBoards in Kindergarten this year!

 Throughout the year students will develop literacy skills, mathematical thinking, and explore science and social study concepts. Kindergarten students will also use the Fundations program for letters, sounds, and making words. Students are taught a consistent set of keywords for each letter sound. For example, b, bat, /b/. As your child gains mastery, you'll hear them saying the keywords aloud as they practice making words and decoding unknown words. Your child's teacher will send home more information about the Fundations program as the year progresses. 

 Kindergarten is a very special and important year. We work on developing academic skills, social skills, and work habits that will take your child through life! Attendance is very important, as we do many hands-on activities every day. You should make school a priority and establish a good attitude about coming to school everyday. Students should also gain responsibility by packing their backpack nightly with their folder and other materials.

 Assessment is important in Kindergarten and is collected in many different ways. Most commonly, students are informally assessed using observations of class work, participation in activities, and 1 on 1 with the teacher. Each quarter, or Nine week grading period, you will receive an Interim and Report Card. Our grading scale is S:succeeding, P:progressing, or N:needs improvement. We also have PALs, a state-wide literacy screening, 2-3 a year; in the fall, winter, and spring. Your child's teacher will share your child's progress at two parent teacher conferences, one in November and  one in February. 

 We are so thankful for your support and reinforcement at home to make this year a success for your child!


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