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 Second Grade


Second grade is an interesting and exciting year!  Second graders learn the responsibilities of a good citizen, which include the traits of honesty, respect, trustworthiness, self-discipline and self-reliance.  Students learn to become responsible for their own actions and materials.

Students will learn about many fascinating topics in social studies and science, including  Ancient Egypt and China, Native Americans, continents, oceans, mountains, rivers, matter, magnets, animal habitats, life cycles, and much, much more!

In math, we become experts at our addition and subtraction facts!  We also learn lots of strategies for solving math story problems.  Students are encouraged to practice their math facts at home!

Second grade students spend a lot of time on writing!  Writer's Workshop is a time for students to write about topics that interest them and they get to share their stories with their classmates!  We will become a community of writers who develop a fondness for writing that will hopefully continue through their school career.

We welcome all students and parents to 2nd grade!  It's going to be a terrific year!  We are confident that your child will be prepared for 3rd grade if we work as a team!

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