Students may check out up to 3 library items at a time for a period of TWO weeks (10 school days).  

  1. Only students enrolled in the Reading Olympian program may check out the reserved Reading Olympian titles. Those students may only check out ONE Reading Olympian title at a time to ensure that all participants have access to titles. This count towards the 3 item limit.

  2. Only one magazine may be checked out at a time, and this counts towards the 3 item limit. Magazines are checked out for ONE week.

  3. Only one audiobook (CD) may be checked out at a time. LMS does not furnish the CD player. Audiobooks count towards the 3 item limit, and are checked out for 2 weeks.

  4. E-books are checked out for a period of 2 weeks, but do NOT count towards the 3 item limit.

If a student has an overdue/missing item, he/she may NOT check out any additional items until the account is cleared. Items MUST be brought in to the library to be renewed and cannot be renewed online or over the phone. Fines stop accruing upon renewal of overdue items.

Students will be permitted to check out books with outstanding fines on accounts; see below for details on clearing library accounts.


  1. Overdue items incur a 5 cents a day fine (PER ITEM) for each day that school is open. Weekends, inclement weather days, and holidays are not included in any fine.

  2. There is a grace period of 10 days past the due date where although the fine is building, it is waived. Therefore, the first fine that will require payment is for .55 cents and indicates that the item has been checked out for over 20 days. An additional 5 cents per day (per item) continues to accumulate until the item is returned.

  3. The maximum overdue fee per item will not exceed $3.00 PER ITEM.

  4. Students will be allowed to “work off” fines and half of the cost of a lost book by using a portion of their lunch time.

  1. Students must verbally request to work off fines the day the work will be completed.

  2. Work will be allowed on a first come, first served basis. One student per day will be allowed to work. Rate of “payment” is 15 minutes = $1.50 towards fine.

  3. The librarians will issue the student a front of the line pass and permission to leave the cafeteria, allowing for 10-15 minutes to eat lunch before leaving. This pass must be shown to the classroom teacher and the lunch monitor.

  4. Fines can be paid for via MY SCHOOL BUCKS accounts, by cash, or by checks made payable to LMS.

  5. Fine and missing book notices will be sent home to parents with report cards. Students should also check their own accounts on a regular basis.


  1. Missing books that have been determined to be LOST will be charged to the student who checked it out without exceptions.

  2. The fee for a missing book varies and is based upon the replacement cost of the book that is indicated in the Destiny (library catalog) record.

  3. Lost book fees can be paid for using a student’s MY SCHOOL BUCKS account,  by cash, or by check made payable to LMS.