Academic Teams

   Academic Subjects

   Library Media


Animal Lovers- to share ideas/experiences about animals, animal rights efforts,etc.

Art- to learn how to draw cartoons

Art (GT)

Board Games- to compete against peers in a variety of board games

Card Games- to compete against peers, both old and new, in which students will utilize their math skills

Checkers/Chess/Bat gammon- compete with peers in these classic games

Christian Spreading the Word (CSW)- to allow students the opportunity to meet with other students who share similar religious beliefs and gain confidence in sharing their belief with other students. 

Classic Movies- to become familiar with the classic movies

Comedy Club- learn various types of comedy

Community Service- to become aware of the needs of others and work to help others

Computer- to teach students how to use the computer

Cross- Stitch –to learn and use basic cross stitch patterns

Cup Stacking - to do activities including neuromuscular coordination, team work and cooperation skills

Current Events- acquaint students with world affairs

Drama- to perform various skits and plays

Ecology- to learn about recycling and its benefits
FCCLA - to focus on home and family life
Fitness Club- discuss health and nutrition.

Future Farmers of America

Intramurals- to develop athletic skills and encourage good sportsmanship

Band (woodwinds)

Jr. Beta

Lacrosse- activities include round table discussions, passing/catching drills dealing with the sport of lacrosse


Newspaper-  students with journalistic interests and writing skills may enjoy the school newspaper club.  The newspaper will include reporters, photographers, editors, and layout designers.

Pen Pals- to develop a network of worldwide friends

Photography- learn basic technique and history

Puzzles- crossword puzzles, 3-D puzzles, etc

Reading- to read and share books

Reading Olympics


Scrabble – improve your spelling and vocabulary- play Scrabble

Scrapbook- student makes their own personal scrapbook

Spanish- to experience Hispanic cultures

Spirit Club- promote school spirit

Sports Talk- to discuss sport related happenings in the news

Sports Talk Skateboarding- to discuss sport skateboarding

Strings- to promote excellence in strings performance

Weekly Wings

Weaving – to learn various techniques and weaving patterns