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Inclement Weather Make-Up Days

Dear Parents and Guardians,


In light of the recent inclement weather and loss of instructional time, we want to ensure you are fully informed of how this currently impacts the school calendar to help eliminate any uncertainty or confusion, as well as help you plan in advance. 


As outlined in the 2017-2018 HCPS school calendar (attached), there are ten inclement weather days built into the calendar to recapture lost instructional time and meet state requirements.  Some of these days are designated as "banked" days where a makeup day is not required, while others are designated as makeup days. 


As you will note in the calendar, the first four inclement weather days are "banked" days that do not require a makeup day.  Days five, six, and seven are designated as makeup days.  The remaining inclement weather days (eight, nine, and ten) are designated as banked days that do not require a makeup day.    


To date, we have used a total of six inclement weather days.  The first four days were "banked" days (no makeup required), and the remaining two days (January 17-18; days five and six) are required makeup days.  As a result, the following calendar changes will take effect:


  • February 8th:       Full day (originally an early closing for professional development)
  • February 19th:     Full day (originally a student and teacher holiday; will be an "A" day)
  • February 22nd:     Full day (originally an early closing for parent-teacher conferences)


In addition, please note that although we are no longer designating the afternoon of February 22nd for parent-teacher conferences, parents are welcome to reach out to their schools and/or teachers to schedule a time to meet at a mutually convenient time to discuss any concerns.


We hope this helps to provide you with clarity and will allow you to plan for these necessary changes in advance.  We will communicate any additional calendar modifications that may be needed as soon as possible.  Should you have any questions regarding the school calendar, please contact the Office of Accreditation and Accountability (804) 365-4500.


Kind regards,

Chris Whitley

Public Information Officer


HCPS Calendar 2017-2018