1.  Study the Constitution.

2.  Edit the Liberty Bill Presentation to fit your needs and have students work on it in class.

3.  Practice reciting the abridged version of the Constitution.

4.  Audition students for parts.

5.  Pick students and assign parts.  (All students can participate because the presentation can end with all students saying the abridged version of the constitution in unison.

6.  Call your representatives and senators.  (Allow them to pick the dates when they can come.)

7.  Follow up, follow up, follow up.

8.  If/when someone says YES:
  • 1.  Pick your site.
  • 2.  Have students practice.
  • 3.   Invite other dignitaries (state government politicians, local politicians, school board members, parents, and whatever works and fits into your room.)
  • 4.  Contact the media (newspapers, radio, TV, magazines...)
  • 5.   Prepare media questions for students and practice press conferencing.
  • 6.   Arrange reception.

9.  If/when someone says NO:

  • 1.  Pick a date for a presentation and re-invite state and local politicians.

  • 2.   Invite school board members, parents, and media.

10.  Do it all again next school year!

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