Key Moments of the Liberty Bill Project, 2002

Winter/Spring, 2002

Students continue to create an address file and address envelopes to radio stations and newspapers across the country.

 January 9, 2002

Students mail Liberty Bill flyers to all members of Congress.

 January 20, 2002

The students travel to Duke University to recite the Constitution before 5,000 fans at a Duke/University of Virginia Women’s basketball game.

 January 29, 2002

CDI Radio in Cedarville, Ohio interviews Mr. Wright about the Liberty Bill.

 Late January, 2002

Invitations are sent to the President, the First Lady, and Members of the Cabinet asking them to attend a Liberty Bill presentation at a time that suits them. 

March 12, 2002

Eighth grade students Mary Ambler, Sarah Carter, and Kari Roth, along with Mr. Wright speak at the Henrico County Retired School Personnel luncheon.

 April 22, 2002

Twenty New York City schools are sent information about the Liberty Bill.

 April 18, 2002

An Op-Ed article by Mr. Wright is sent to over 500 newspapers across the country.  The students stuff the envelopes and within two weeks the article is published in nearly a dozen newspapers and others write articles about it.

 May 4, 2002

Mr. Wright is invited by his friend Bob Deans, President of the White House Correspondence Association,  to attend the White House Press dinner.

May 9, 2002

Fifteen students record the abridged constitution at WHAN radio is Ashland, Virginia.

May 24, 2002

Mr. Wright is interviewed live by Wisconsin Public Radio for one hour.

June 3, 2002

Liberty Bill flyers are sent to hundreds of radio stations across the country.

July 8, 2002

Mr. Wright is interviewed by Congressman Eric Cantor on WRVA radio about the Liberty Bill.

July 11, 2002

Thirty-seven students from all grade levels, along with teachers Mr. Wright, Ms. Moore, Mr. Callahan, and assistant principal Mr. Tyler, journey to Washington D.C. to lobby Congress on behalf of the Liberty Bill.  Each of the 5353 Congressional offices is delivered a sales sheet and two Liberty Bills by a pair of students who are assigned offices to visit.

July 22, 2002

Liberty Bill CD's are mailed to two dozen radio stations across the country and WHAN sets it up to make the Liberty Bill song available to all radio stations in the world.

October, 2002

A Liberty Bill presentation is planned for December 13 and invitations are sent out to a number of dignitaries.

November, 2002

Liberty Bill practices take place throughout the month.

December 13, 2002

Senator George Allen, Governor Doug Wilder, Senator Bill Bolling, Delegate Frank Hargrove, Lt. Col. Mike Holing from the Department of Defense, and Miss Virginia, Jennifer Pitts, attend the Liberty Bill presentation.  All commit to help the students, teachers, and parents with the project.




RESULTS OF THE 107TH CONGRESS AS of March 20, 2001

HOUSE (435 members) SENATE (100 members)
Cantor, Sponsor

23 Cosponsors

5% of Total

Allen, Sponsor

1 cosponsor

1% of total


RESULTS OF THE 106TH CONGRESS AS of February 15, 2000

HOUSE (435 members) SENATE (100 members)
Bliley, Sponsor

107 Cosponsors

24% of Total

Warner, Sponsor

1 Cosponsor

2% of Total



HOUSE (435 members) SENATE (100 members)
Bliley Sponsor

59 Cosponsors

12.9% of Total

Warner Sponsor

1 Cosponsor

2% of Total


Fleet Reserve Association (May 27, 1998)

Veterans of Foreign Wars (June 2, 1998)

Military Order of the Purple Heart (June 4, 1998)

Richmond Times-Dispatch (May 10, 1998)

Dallas Morning News (May 24)

Topeka Capital-Journal (May 25)

Spirit of America Award (June 1)


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