Key Moments of the Liberty Bill Project, 1999

January 5, 1999

Representative Bliley’s office requests March 1 as the presentation date and we agree.

At a Liberty Bill practice at Patrick Henry, students vote to have coffee mugs made with a Liberty Bill logo.

January 14, 1999

The Eastern Loudoun Times features an article about the Liberty Bill by Donna Cedar-Southworth who states, "This past fall, I heard about an interesting and refreshing piece of legislation…"

January 21, 1999

The Herald-Progress reports that Delegate Frank Hargrove has successfully steered a resolution through the House of Delegates to memorialize Congress to pass the Liberty Bill. This same resolution died in committee in 1998. It will go to the Virginia Senate for their vote. If successful the resolution goes to Congress as a voice of support from the General Assembly for Hanover students and their bill.

January 28, 1999

Liberty Bill coffee mugs with an invitation to the March 1, presentation are mailed out to seventy politicians, celebrities, and news people across the country.

February, 1999

Mr. Wright, Ms. Pollard, and Ms. Viers hold individual practices for the March 1st presentation.

February 3, 1999

Food World Magazine publishes an article in their newspaper about the Liberty Bill.

February 17, 1999

A presentation practice is held in the Patrick Henry Auditorium with over 200 students from all grade levels.

March 1, 1999

Seven hundred students from grades 6 through 12 are scheduled to perform the "Liberty Dollar Bill Act" at Patrick Henry for Representative Bliley as he kicks off the reintroduction of the Liberty Bill.

MARCH 2, 1999

CONGRESSMAN BLILEY INTRODUCES THE LIBERTY BILL, H.R.903, WITH 40 COSPONSORS.  The Daily Times in Salisbury, Maryland carries the AP story, as do other papers across the nation.

March 3, 1999

Senator Warner introduces the Liberty Bill, S. 525.  Congressman Bliley picks up an additional 26 cosponsors, including the Speaker of the House, the Majority Leader, and the Majority Whip.  Total cosponsors:  66.

MARCH 8, 1999

Senator Robb cosponsors the Liberty Bill in the Senate.  Three more House members cosponsor the Liberty Bill.  The Herald-Progress tells the story of the Patrick Henry Liberty Bill presentation.

MARCH 21-26, 1999

One hundred letters are mailed to radio stations of key Congressional Representatives across the country.  Another one hundred letters are mailed to leaders of VFWs in Delaware and another one hundred letters are mailed to celebrities across the country.

MARCH, 1999

Ends with 67 cosponsors.

APRIL 1, 1999

Bob Bonefant of WBKV radio in West Bend, Wisconsin does a live interview with Mr. Wright for five minutes.

APRIL 5, 1999

Mr. Tom Clarke with NPR radio in Madison, Wisconsin, which is boadcast to twelve stations across Wisconsin, does an hour-long talk show with Mr. Wright about the LIberty Bill.  Ten Callers call in; eight are very favorable and two are neutral.

APRIL 7, 1999

Mrs. Jean Cahouet's third graders at Marion T. Bedwell Elementary School in Bernardsville, New Jersey presented the "Liberty Dollar Bill Act" to their representative, Congressman Rush Holt.  That afternoon, Representative Holt became the seventy-first cosponsor of the LIberrty Bill.

APRIL 12, 1999

The House of Representatives reconvenes and there are now seventy-one cosponsors of the LIberty Bill.   Congressman Bliley has said that ar seventy-five cosponsors, he will ask for a sub-committee hearing on the Liberty Bill.

APRIL 22-25, 1999

Mailings are sent to radi stations and VFW chapters in selected Congressional districts across the country.

APRIL 23, 1999

Mr. John Rago of WDEL in Delaware interviews Mr. Wright on the John Rago Show.  Mr. Rago had done an interview on June 10, 1998 for the Liberty Bill.  The Hanover Plus and Henrico Plus sections of the Richmond Times-Dispatch feature a story about the New Jersey Students' Liberty Bill presentation.

APRIL, 1999

Ends with 91 cosponsors.

MAY 5, 1999

"Liberty Dollar Bill celebrates first anniversary in style with 100 cosponsors" reads the press release from Congressman Bliley's office.  Yes, it has been one year since the Liberty Bill was introduced in the 105th Congress.

JUNE 21, 1999

U.S. News and World Reports reports in its Washington Whispers section on the upcoming effort of the Liberty Middle School and Patrick Henry High School students.  It states that "insiders say the 'dollar bill' bil is dead on arrival."  But it goes on to ask why the Constitution shouldn't be considered for another piece of currency.

JUNE 29, 1999

Thirty students in five groups of six students each from Liberty Middle School and Patrick Henry High School trvel to Washington to lobby Congress on behalf of the Liberty Bill.   Appointments include meetings with Senator Warner, Senator Robb, six representatives, and eight staffers.  The students offer to their Senators the idea that perhaps the Senate should consider the entire BILL OF RIGHTS, word-for word, to be on the back of the one-dollar bill.  A great American debate could begin.  The Wall Street Journal reports that morning on the front page of section two that the 106th Congress's "most glorious hour" might be when our students lobby the House and Senate.

JUNE 30, 1999

Paul Harris of KTRS Radio (314 453 5517) in St. Louis, Missouri (Richard Gephart's district) interviews Mr. Wright ive for fifteen minutes.  Paul Harris loves the ideas and suggests that the House version be on one-dollar bills and the Senate version be on five-dollar bills.   Later that day, Mr. Harris emails Mr. Wright to say that "caller after caller" loved the ideas.


Students work with Mr. Wirght in the Liberty library to email radio and television stations across the country telling them about the Liberty Bill.

JULY 23, 1999

CBS Radio interviews Chesney Grizzard and Jonathan Green for its national news for the coming weekend.

JULY 25, 1999

The CBS This Morning show calls at 3:00 to ask if Mr. Wright and a student would be on their national show live via satellite hookup the next morning.  Mr. Wright, his son, Austin, Jeff Foster, and his dad, drive to Washington and spend the night at CBS's expense for the show the next morning.

JULY 26, 1999

Jeff Foster, a 10th grade Patrick Henry student, and Mr. Wright appear on the CBS This Morning show for three minutes.

August 3, 1999

Bruce McConnell. at the Martin Agency says his firm will help steer a national campaign run by the students for the Liberty Bill.

AUGUST 6, 1999

Jim Cox, an associate professor at Georgia Perimeter College, writes a favorable artocle that appears in Georgia Politics, a website magazine.  He encourages people to do as he did and call Congress.

August 12, 1999

Six students meet with Bruce McConnel at the Martin Agency. Mr. McConnel committed to helping with some public relations strategies for the Liberty Bill.

AUGUST 14, 1999

The National Journal featured a story about the Liberty Bill stating that the "National Automatic Merchandising Associations would have to spend at least $210 million to update approximately 4.2 million vending machines to recognize the new bill...."  That equates to 20 cents per day that a vending machine must make to pay for the change.

Late August, 1999

Mr. Wright continues to call the offices of the Presidential candidates requesting they attend a Liberty Bill presentation by students.  Interest is shown by Bill Bradley's office, but no takers yet. 


Seventh grade teachers from Hanover County meet with Mr. Wright and read through a Liberty Bill presentation.  Nearly a dozen say they will use the Liberty Bill as a teaching tool, will try to make presentations, and want to be part of the email network to spread the word.


Tom Nesselhauf, a Missouri school teacher at Festus High School in Representative Richard Gephart's district, emails to say that his seniors want to take on the Liberty Bill project.  Materials to help them get started are mailed out.

September 7, 1999

Bruce McConnel of The Martin Agency sends out a press release to 177 prominent newspaper journalists across the country. The title of the release is: "As Congress reconvenes, Virginia schools vow to fight on."

SEPTEMBER 9/10, 1999

Mr. Wright’s new seventh grade students enthusiastically and unanimously vote to join the Liberty Bill project, accepting their first semester position of support for the older students. They choose, as their first assignment, to write an email chain letter and show Mr. Wright how it is done.

September 12, 1999

Mr. Wright emails The Martin Agency media release to 350 radio stations from the list compiled by students during the summer.

September 27, 1999

Two students and teacher Tom Nesselhauf at Festus High School near St. Louis, Missouri are live on the Paul Harris radio show on KTRS. After the show, the chairman of the local Republican Committee asks if the class working on the Liberty Bill will come to their next meeting and make a presentation.

September 29, 1999

The Liberty Bill website is updated, and emails are once again sent out. This time requests to contact Senator Warner’s office and encourage him to get his colleagues on board and request a hearing are included.

November 18, 1999

Bliley’s office calls to report that the first cosponsor of the Liberty Bill since July has come on board. Representative Barbara Lee, a Democrat, is on the Domestic and International Monetary Policy Subcommittee.

November 19, 1999

Festus High School does its Liberty Bill presentation with 500 students present along with Missouri’s Secretary of State, Festus’ State Senator and State Representative. The Saint Louis Dispatch and a local TV station cover the story. The State Senator requests an extra Liberty Bill tee shirt and the 350 petitions for the Liberty Bill so that he may personally give them to House of Representatives Minority Leader, Richard Gephardt. Tom Nesselhauf reports that the students have been on local radio five times and that the day’s presentation is a total success.

November, 1999

Preparations begin to be made for a February presentation – an invitation list of over 300 is created and envelopes are addressed.

November 29, 1999

The Herald-Progress writes an article about the Festus High School.

December, 1999

Invitations are sent to all the presidential candidates asking them to attend a Liberty Bill presentation on February 24, 2000.

December 29, 1999

A Liberty Bill presentation practice is covered by the Richmond Times-Dispatch.


RESULTS OF THE 106TH CONGRESS AS of February 15, 2000

HOUSE (435 members) SENATE (100 members)
Bliley, Sponsor

107 Cosponsors

24% of Total

Warner, Sponsor

1 Cosponsor

2% of Total



HOUSE (435 members) SENATE (100 members)
Bliley Sponsor

59 Cosponsors

12.9% of Total

Warner Sponsor

1 Cosponsor

2% of Total


Fleet Reserve Association (May 27, 1998)

Veterans of Foreign Wars (June 2, 1998)

Military Order of the Purple Heart (June 4, 1998)

Richmond Times-Dispatch (May 10, 1998)

Dallas Morning News (May 24)

Topeka Capital-Journal (May 25)

Spirit of America Award (June 1)


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