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Tiffany Talley

Welcome to the Music Meadow!

     The Music Room is a place where students are allowed to express themselves through music in a safe and positive environment.  At Laurel Meadow, students receive musical instruction once a week for 45 minutes.  Students in lower grades will focus on singing, rhythmic movement, and playing un-pitched percussion instruments.  Students in mid to upper grades begin to identify the notes of the musical alphabet, understand music symbols and note values, locate the notes on the staff, and finally learn to read music.  Students will apply their knowledge through singing and playing a pitched instrument, such as a harmonica, recorder, or xylophone.  The level of difficulty will increase with each grade level.  Each student is expected to participate to the best of their ability in all activities in the music classroom.  

There are many opportunities at Laurel Meadow for our Meadow Musicians to shine:

Chorus:  Fifth grade students may choose to participate in the LMES Chorus with an accepted application.  Rehearsals will be held after school on Tuesday afternoons.  The Chorus performs at several school and community functions throughout the school year.

All-County Chorus
:  Select fifth grade LMES chorus members will represent Laurel Meadow while participating in the All-County Chorus.  They will perform at the Hanover County Arts and Science Festival in April.


Recorders:  Students begin playing the recorder in the fourth grade and continue playing in the fifth grade at a greater level of difficulty.
PTA Performances:  Select grade levels and music ensembles will have the opportunity to showcase their musical abilities during PTA meetings throughout the school year.

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