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"Art Really Teaches!"
Jamesha Hairston

At Laurel Meadow, we believe...

  • art is essential for all students;

  • art education is a sequential process integrated with other fields of study;

  • art is the universal language of visual communication and refines perceptual skills;

  • art education allows for the manipulation of different media/technology for the production of original and unique works of art;

  • art education provides opportunities to increase a positive self concept; and

  • art education is an on-going process and essential for life-long learning.

The art room at Laurel Meadow is a wonderful place for students, preschool through grade five, to be creative while they learn. Students visit the art room once a week for 45 minutes. In the art room, students explore the elements and principles of design, art history and cultural studies, the integration of a variety of topics to foster creativity and expression, and methods of evaluating and judging art while using two-dimensional and three-dimensional techniques. Students are exposed to a variety of media and processes by which they exercise new found skills in creative problem solving.

Laurel Meadow Elementary Art actively seeks opportunities to exhibit the fine art work produced by our students. Throughout the year you will find selected art work hanging in the school hallways, office and at special events or locations like the Hanover Arts & Science Festival, the Hanover School Board Office, Youth Art Month, and in neighboring businesses. Please feel free to stop by and see our students’ art on display!

 “Be ART SmART!”

Please make sure to send an old shirt/art shirt as part of your child's school supplies.

Thank you for your continued support of the arts at Laurel Meadow Elementary.  If you are interested in getting involved with the art program as a parent volunteer or by donating recycled materials, please contact Miss Hairston at jhairston@hcps.us .

“Every child is an artist." ~ Pablo Picasso, Spanish Cubist Painter


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