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  To be a member of the newspaper staff you must first sign up for Mass Communications I. After the first year, students may sign up for Newspaper II and eventually Newspaper III and IV. Last year, we produced a news web, but this year we have produced a monthly newspaper.


  The four criteria you must meet in order to be an effective member of the staff: Be honest; Be responsible; Be respectful; Have a great attitude


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  The staff begins working on the first issue of the newspaper over the summer so it can be ready for distribution the first month of school. The staff decides on the monthly distribution date. We usually meet in the first week of August to discuss the look of our paper for the year and make story assignments for the first issue.


  The staff also meets periodically throughout the month of August to refine stories, sell ads, and to just get together to have fun. 


  The Southerner has been an award winning newspaper and expectations are very high. We expect to be the best publication every year. We send our publications to various other schools throughout the nation as part of a newspaper exchange.


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  Adviser - Charles Stevens
  (804) 723-3401
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