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At Kersey Creek, the general music program will provide a quality music education in a positive environment. Through whole class and smaller ensemble experiences, the students will improve their music literacy and recognize that music can enhance the quality of their lives now and in the future.



Control your body

Open your mind to different things

Make beautiful music

Enter the room politely

Tame your tongue



K-2: “Outstanding musician” award each week & ring the gong.

All students: extra recess outside in May or June during music time on the “other” playground. (Kg & 1st have 10-15 minutes, 2 - 5 have 30-35 minutes.)

A whole class can earn whatever incentive is given by the classroom teacher.



Verbal warnings and reminders about the Comet rules are given first.

“strike one” = note goes home

“strike two” = sit at the refocus desk until invited back to class.

“strike three” = removed from the class and sent to the office.

Anyone with several strikes has not earned the extra recess time at the end of the year and will sit on a bench while the class participates in extra recess.


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