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 Fifth Grade Curriculum

Here’s what we are learning in fifth grade.                                            


  Language Arts – We are refining our writing skills including integrating good English and spelling practices in our daily writing.  We are improving our reading comprehension, of both fiction and nonfiction texts, by looking back in the story for answers and identifying elements of fiction and nonfiction. We are also utilizing various research skills in order to truly become life-long learners!

  Math – In fifth grade, students refine their mathematical strategies and concepts.  We build upon the foundation that students have built in the previous grades and practice a variety of ways to solve problems using real world problems and creative solutions. 

  Social Studies – Fifth grade social studies bridges the span between Virginia history in fourth grade and United States History I in sixth grade.  Students learn about the geographic regions of the United States; their products and resources. 

  Science – Here are some of the big topics that we’ll be learning this year in science: sound & light, matter compounds & solutions, cells & kingdoms of living things, oceans, and Earth’s geology!


     CLICK HERE for Hanover County's elementary curriculum expectations.

     CLICK HERE for the Virginia Department of Education website.  There are excellent resources for parents, students, and teachers!


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