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 Third Grade Curriculum



Here’s what we are learning in third grade.          

  Language Arts – We are learning how to answer questions in complete sentences, look back in a story or text for answers or supporting details, identify various elements of fiction, and nonfiction, incorporate spelling strategies into our daily work and learn the parts of speech as well as other basic English skills!  Students will practice and be expected to read fluently and comprehend longer texts.  We will practice decoding words with 2 or more syllables daily to increase fluency and build comprehension.  We will also begin cursive writing! 

  Math – In third grade, students learn to incorporate a variety of problem solving strategies through their mathematics concepts.  They upon previous years’ learning and become more comfortable with real world problems and solutions.  Students will work with larger numbers throughout the year and will practice using mental math strategies to improve computation skills.  Multiplication and division will be introduced this year – in addition to their addition and subtraction facts, students will be expected to memorize and become fluent using their multiplication and division facts.

  Social Studies – Third graders gain a broad overview of our American system of government and economics beginning with our roots in ancient civilizations like Rome, Greece, and Mali.  Explorers of the Americas are interwoven with map and geography skills before moving into more modern famous Americans and holidays.

  Science – Here are some of the big topics that we’ll be learning this year in science:  simple machines, properties of matter, animal adaptations, environmental diversity, sources of energy, food chains and webs, soil and natural resources, and patters and cycles in nature!


     CLICK HERE for Hanover County's elementary curriculum expectations.   

     CLICK HERE for the Virginia Department of Education website.  There are excellent resources for parents, students, and teachers


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