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Visual Arts


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 Jen Stackpole
   Curriculum Specialist
   Visual Arts



Mission Statement

The mission of Hanover County Schools' Visual Arts Program is to engage students in thinking creatively and solving problems in order to communicate visually in the 21st century.  The universal language of art allows students to make connections and comprehend themes of expression around the world, past and present.


We believe...


  • The universal language of visual communication and refines perceptual skills;

  • Form, content, and context;

  • A discipline which requires reflection and revisiting of concepts;

  • An ongoing process and essential for life-long learning; and

  • Essential for all students.


  • Allows students to articulate ideas, thoughts, and feelings through visual expression;

  • Encourage students to observe their world with a more critical eye;

  • Fosters experimentation, reaching beyond one's capabilities, and gives the opportunity to learn from one's mistakes;

  • Helps students to understand that change and experimentation are vital components of problem solving;

  • Teaches students to engage in the studio process and develop determination in regards to studio tasks;

  • Helps students cultivate craft;

  • Allows for the manipulation of different media/technology for the production of original and unique works of art;

  • Provides students with the opportunity to reflect on their own work and the artistic process;

  • Provides opportunities to increase positive self-concept where success is reached in a differentiated atmosphere;

  • Is linked with other fields of study;

  • Teaches and records history, cultures, and aesthetics;

  • Integrates common themes and ideas throughout the general curriculum using inquiry to support creative processes;

  • Provides opportunity for students to develop self-discipline, as well as skills of collaboration;

  • Helps students develop awareness and sensitivity for people beyond one's own; and

  • Promotes an awareness of career opportunities for aspiring students.