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  Our Vision

  Every Student… Every
  Day…  to Meet Tomorrow…
  Building a  Plan for Life


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Barbara Hancock-Henley

  Coordinator of Career and
  Technical Education


Debbie Hill
  Administrative Assistant



Our Career Development

 K-6 - Career Awareness

  • Development of academic and technical literacy

  • Activities designed to provide a broad-based introduction to career fields

  • Natural linkages between subjects studied and related careers

7-8 - Career Exploration

  • Explore job market and post-secondary education information

  • Enrollment in CTE courses offered and available at each middle school

  • Introduction to laboratory instruction and activities

  • Identify a career cluster that matches interests and strengths

 9-12 - Career Preparation

  • Complete academic and technical literacy

  • Completion of Career interest/aptitude profile

  • Align to one of the 16 career clusters and pathways

  • Meet with counselor to analyze, register and develop skills in one or more desired cluster/pathway

  • Select and register for coursework that aligns with career interests

  • Identify post-secondary goals and  align the program of study

  • Investigate and participate in “work-based learning”, e.g. youth apprenticeship, cooperative education.

  • Investigate “dual enrollment” credits

  • Obtain a industry credential

Our CTE Mission

The mission of Career and Technical Education in Hanover County Public Schools is to guide all students to acquire the academic, personal/social, career planning, and technical skills to become productive, responsible, citizens and lifelong learners in a changing world.

Our Plan

Career planning is a planning process spanning kindergarten to career that allows students to develop and manage an individualized education and Career Action Plan that explores all post-secondary education and career options.

Our Core Beliefs

  • All students will be prepared for post-secondary education and entering the world of work.

  • All students will be aware of their natural strengths and abilities

  • All students will be globally competitive in an ever-changing workplace.