Curriculum Overview

The History and Social Science curriculum throughout in the middle schools grades provides students with their first experience with a more in-depth examination of United States history.  The courses are sequenced as follows: 

         6th Grade - United States History to 1865

         7th Grade - United States History 1865 Present

         8th Grade - Civics & Economics 

The Virginia Standards of Learning outline the essential questions, understanding, knowledge, and skills that should be addressed in each of these courses.  At the end of each grade, students will take the SOL examination.  For additional information on the Standards of Learning, please click the SOL Info tab.    

If you are interested in learning more about the specific units of study at each grade level and ways you can get involved with the curriculum to support your student, please select a grade level on the left. 

We hope you find these resources useful and wish you the best on your journey through time and place.