Music Theory Program of Studies


Music Theory/Appreciation - Grades 10, 11, and 12
Course No. FA26 Year - 1 Credit
Basic notation and the study of music theory are taught in this
course. While this course is designed for beginners, some
background in playing an instrument or singing in a choir is
helpful. Students also will experience a wide range of music from
all time periods.

AP Music Theory - Grades 11 and 12
Course No. FA43 Year - 1 Weighted Credit

Prerequisite: Placement test; or completion of FA26 with a grade
of B or higher. (Sufficient enrollment required to offer this

In this course students study advanced music theory. This includes
an in-depth study of intervals, scales, keys, triads, chords and their
working relationship. A survey of music history is incorporated.
This course also provides the opportunity to study music through
analysis and written composition. Students taking this course
should have a background of playing an instrument or singing in
an ensemble. This course is highly recommended for college bound
music majors. Students are encouraged to take the
Advanced Placement Examination administered by the College
Board. For students who request reimbursement at the time of
application and score 4 or above on the AP exam, the school
district will reimburse the exam fee.


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