IB Music from the Program of Studies

IB Music
Course No. FA850 Year - 1 Weighted Credit

Prerequisite: Beginning in 2003-04, prior two years sequential study
AND current enrollment in a performance ensemble.

To be successful in this course, the student must have music
theory skills equivalent to those acquired on completion of Music
Theory Appreciation (FA26). The objectives of this course are the
development of 1) studentsí performance skills through playing
solos; 2) studentsí compositional skills through exploration and
investigation of musical elements; 3) studentsí uses of appropriate
musical language and terminology to describe and reflect critical
understanding of music; 4) studentsí perceptual skills in response to
music; and 5) studentsí knowledge and understanding of music in
relation to time and place. To fulfill these objectives, students study
at least one prescribed IB work, plus musical genres and styles.
Students also conduct a musical investigation. IB requires students
to produce one or more of the following options: a solo performance,
a group performance, and/or an analysis of musical perception.
Students will take an IB examination in May to demonstrate