This report concentrates on the activities of the School Health Advisory Board for the 2000-2001 year.  The purpose of the School Health Advisory Board is to assist in the evaluation of environment, and health services.




The board must meet at least once a semester.  In 2000-01, the board met twice per semester for a total of four meetings.  The membership represents parents, teachers, administrators, nurses, counselors, and students.




During the 2000-01 school year, the School Health Advisory Board accomplished the following:


          1.  Formed an Incident/Accident Report subcommittee; a revised form is being developed.


          2.  Continued to monitor the progress of Virginia’s Children’s Medical Security

                        Insurance Plan (CMSIP), now to become Family Access to Medical

                 Insurance Security (FAMIS).


          3.  Monitored school health legislation of the 2001 General Assembly Session.


          4.  Monitored to progress of the 2000-2001 Community Health Grant and agreed

                 to continue acting as the Community Health Grant Advisory Committee for the

                 2001-2002 application year.


          5.  Reviewed the Health Services Program with emphasis on the programs:  Hepatitis B

                 vaccinations for fifth graders, fluoride mouth rinse, health screening and Asthma Programs.


          6.  Discussed the issue of backpacks in schools.  Established a subcommittee to review

                 the information regarding backpacks.


          7.  Prepared an Annual Report for the Superintendent and the School Board.




1.  The Advisory Board recommends that the Fluoride Mouth Rinse Program be 

      continued at Elmont, South Anna, and Beaverdam Elementary Schools.                                                                                                                  


          2.  The Advisory Board recommends that the School Health Advisory Board continue to

                 serve as an advisory board for the writing of an additional Community/School Health Grant.


          3.  The Advisory Board recommends that a backpack safety educations program for teachers,

                  students, and parents be encouraged.


          4.  The Advisory Board recommends that the Asthma program continue to be expanded to

               additional elementary school sites.