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Mission: The Hanover County World Languages curricula provide students with the skills necessary to communicate in languages other than English, with the knowledge necessary for understanding and appreciating other cultures, and with the awareness that communication in other tongues is basic for success in a global society.

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Stephanie Stockman
   Curriculum Specialist
   World Languages & ESL

“Whoever doesn’t know a single foreign language, does not know his own.”  Goethe





Hanover County Public Schools educators deem language to be at the core of the human experience.  Thus, they believe world language study:

  • benefits all students;
  • fosters real-life communication in culturally diverse communities;
  • develops insight into one’s native language and culture;
  • improves critical thinking skills;
  • reinforces links between content areas;
  • generates an awareness and an appreciation of cultural diversity;
  • provides opportunities for independent life-long learning;
  • promotes success in a global community;
  • expects a commitment from students, parents, administrators, teachers and, the community; and
  • enriches the total individual.