AdvancED System Accreditation

In October 2005 Hanover County Public Schools engaged in the District Accreditation process through Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS CASI). Hanover County Public Schools was the first school division in Virginia to engage in this process. In October 2015 the most recent five year external review was conducted.

AdvancED External Reviews combine a balanced, systemic approach combining Standards, stakeholder feedback and student performance to measure quality programs, relationships, and results. The systems-oriented Accreditation Process helps institutions make the most of their talents and resources. The AdvancED process aligns accreditation with accountability, emphasizing learner outcomes when evaluating institutional quality.

AdvancED Standards for Quality require each school to be reviewed in a way that is appropriate to its mission and purpose.

These Standards are research-based, comprehensive quality statements that describe conditions and factors that contribute to a quality educational experience and operational effectiveness.  Our research confirms our beliefs that every school requires:

         stable governance, management, and leadership;

         a coherent course of study;

         a reliable system by which to assess studentsí progress;

         instructors who have a clear understanding of what they aim to teach, how, and why; and

         access to the resources they need.

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