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The International Baccalaureate Program is a pre-university course of studies designed to meet the needs of highly motivated students during the final two years of secondary school.  The two-year curriculum allows students to earn the International Baccalaureate Diploma, which fulfills requirements in a number of countries outside of the United States of America.  Students who successfully complete IB courses and examinations, but do not seek the IB Diploma may qualify for IB certificates, which also receive international recognition. 

All students taking an IB class are required by the IBO to take the exam associated with that class.  Exams are scheduled by the IBO and are generally administered in May.  The school division will pay IB registration fees for all students.  Exam fees are the responsibility of the student/parent and must be paid in advance.  IB students are eligible for reimbursement of exam fees if they score a “4” or above on the exam.  Any family that is experiencing a financial hardship may contact the student’s school for possible assistance.

The IB curriculum consists of six content areas.  Diploma candidates must select one subject from each of the following six subject groups.  Courses are designated by the IB school as higher level (HL) or standard level (SL).  Higher level courses contain 240 teaching hours and standard level courses contain 150 teaching hours.


1) Language A1 - First language, including selections from world             
2) Language B - Second language
3) Individuals and Societies - History, Geography, Economics, Philosophy, 
    Psychology,Social Anthropology, Business and Organization, 
    Information Technology in a Global Society.
4) Experimental Sciences - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental 
    Systems, Design Technology.
5) Mathematics - Mathematics HL, Mathematical Studies, Mathematical 
    Methods, Advanced Mathematics SL.
6) The Arts and Electives

Parents and students should contact their school's IB Coordinator and consult the International Baccalaureate Handbook and Program of Studies for more details.

Only those schools that have received authorization from the IBO are allowed to teach the IB curriculum and to register students for examinations.  Every IB student's work is assessed for each content area through assessment by classroom teachers and examiners world-wide.  Each subject is graded on a scale of 1 to 7.  To receive the IB Diploma, a student must meet defined standards and conditions, including a minimum total of 24 points for the six content areas.  In addition, the diploma candidate must complete an Extended Essay, the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course, and the required Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) activities.  The maximum score of 45 includes three points awarded for an exceptional essay or outstanding work in TOK.

The IB Diploma Program is available for students in grades 11 and 12 at all four Hanover County high schools.

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