High School Instructional Program Overview

Four comprehensive high schools currently serve 5,830 Hanover students in grades 9 through 12.  Each school operates on an alternate-day block schedule (even, odd) and provides four classes each day.  Students fulfill graduation requirements by completing courses designated by the State for each of the diplomas available (Advanced Studies, Standard, Modified Standard).  Also, students choose to enroll in elective courses which can help them prepare for post-secondary education and careers, as well as develop natural talents.

Students in each high school have access to a full-time career counselor in a career center equipped with current technology and multiple resources available for career education.  Dual-enrollment courses provide juniors and seniors the opportunity to earn high-school and college credits simultaneously.  Also, students in each school may choose to participate in one or more extracurricular or co-curricular activities which include a wide variety of athletic, artistic, academic, technical, and service-oriented teams, clubs, or events.  Driver education is available for all students in tenth grade, and students learn skills using both driving-simulation technology and skid-devices on the cars used for practice driving.

Each Hanover high school provides adolescents a safe environment in which to learn, to establish goals, and to prepare for successful, purposeful adult lives.