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Program Overview

In keeping with the district goal of optimal physical and mental health for all students, the primary purpose of school health services is to facilitate and promote optimal learning for students.

          Health Services Goals for Promoting Student Success:

1.  To promote early identification and remediation of health problems
     and needs of students.
2.  To assist students to assume responsibility for their own health and
     to develop healthful attitudes and practices.
3.  To provide health education and counseling for students, school
      personnel, and parents.
4.  To provide health services and first aid for students and staff.
5.  To promote environmental safety and awareness of hazards.
6.  To maintain a liaison with healthcare providers and community
      health programs/agencies.
7.  To protect the health of students and staff by preventing the
      outbreak and spread of communicable diseases through
      enforcement of health laws and school policies.
8.  To promote school health services as part of the educational
9.  To provide Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), First Aid, and
      Suicide prevention training to school personnel and interested
      members of the community.

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