Karen Harris


Music is a fundamental part of the curriculum in Hanover County and at Henry Clay Elementary School.

In grades K-2, students learn to match pitch with their singing voice, keep a steady beat, and recognize the instruments of the orchestra by sight and sound.  They learn to read rhythms with combinations of eighth, quarter, half,  whole notes, rests, and the concepts of high-low/fast-slow.  Students also learn to distinguish the differences among the voices of women, men and children. 

Students learn to sing with and without accompaniment, and to accompany singing with various percussion and melodic (Orff) instruments.  Students also learn patriotic songs, folk songs from the U.S. and foreign countries, and they learn to differentiate among musical genres such as opera, jazz, classical and rock music.

The music curriculum is singing based. It is the goal that every student will participate to the best of their ability in all activities in the music classroom, whether it be singing, playing games, playing instruments, dancing or listening to music.

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