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  • Read carefully all directions accompanying the application prior to actually beginning to enter information.
  • If possible, photocopy the application to practice filling in the required information.  Have an adult proofread your application and essay.
  • Be sure the actual application is typed or neatly written in black ink.  Your application makes a statement about you.  Take pride in your application; it may affect the admission decision.
  • Confirm that teachers have submitted to your school counselor the recommendation letters required by the college.
  • On those applications requiring essays, first write a rough draft of your essay.  Make certain you have completely answered the questions.  Proofread your rough draft before entering it on the application form.  The application, the application fee (check), the envelope provided by the college, and $2.00 for postage must be turned in to your counselor TWO WEEKS prior to the college application deadline.  This two week period allows sufficient time for the needed processing in the Guidance Office.  Applications will not be accepted without the $2.00 fee.
  • Keep a copy of the completed application.







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