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Prospective student-athletes may register for the Clearinghouse through Guidance.  The student must complete a Clearinghouse registration form and mail one copy of it along with an $18 registration fee to the Clearinghouse.  After completing the registration form and mailing in the original along with the fee, the student must give the yellow and pink copies of the form to his/her guidance counselor.  The guidance counselor will send a transcript to the Clearinghouse.  The student must also have official SAT or ACT scores sent to the Clearinghouse.  To do so, simply designate the Clearinghouse as a score recipient on the test registration form by filling in code 9999 in the section on college and scholarship codes.  If official test scores appear on the transcript, they need not be sent separately.  If they do not, the student must request additional score reports to be sent to the Clearinghouse.

Academic Requirements for Those Entering College

 In order for a student-athlete enrolling in a Division I institution as an entering freshman to be qualified to participate in intercollegiate athletics and be eligible for financial aid, practice, and competition, he/she must meet the following academic requirements [NCAA Bylaw]:

A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.000 (based on a maximum of 4.000) in at least 13 academic core courses, including at least the following:  


4 years

Mathematics (one year of algebra and one year of geometry or a course for which geometry is a prerequisite)

2 years

Social Studies

2 years

Natural or physical science (including at least one laboratory course, if offered by the high school)

2 years

Additional courses in English, natural or physical science, or math

1 year

Additional academic courses (in any of the above or foreign language, computer science, philosophy, or nondoctrinal religion)

2 years

 A minimum 820 (recentered) score on the SAT l or ACT composite score of 17.        

NCAA Glossary of Terms:

 Contact: a face to face encounter between a prospect, the prospect’s parents/guardians and an institutional staff member in which dialogue occurs in excess of a greeting.

 Evaluation: off campus activity designed to assess the academic qualifications or athletic ability of a prospect.  Including any visit to the prospect’s educational institution or the observation of any practice at any site.  

Official Visit: a visit financed in whole or in part by a Division I or II NCAA member institution.  Prospects are limited to 5 Official Visits.  Transcript must be on campuses prior to visit.

 Unofficial Visit: a visit made at the prospect’s own expense.  Once meals or entertainment is paid for, the visit is then declared “Official.”

 Telephone Calls: calls may not be made to prospects prior to July 1 following the completion of his/her junior year; thereafter, staff members shall not make such telephone calls more than once per week.  

 National Letter of Intent: official document administered by the Collegiate Commissioners Assoc. and utilized by subscribing member institutions to establish the commitment of a prospect to attend a particular institution.

 Home Visit: conducted during the fall or spring contact periods.  Allows ‘in person’ interaction between prospective student-athlete, parents/guardians, and institution’s coaching staff.  

More Information:  www.ncaa.org/cbsa








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