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Submitting Your College  Application to the Guidance Office



Remember to:

      Make an appointment with your counselor to deliver your applications.

      Fill out the application completely, sign and have your parent sign all of the designated places.

      Include your check made payable to the college for the application fee.

      Bring the counselors copy of the recommendation form at the same time that you bring the application.  It is better to mail these documents together.

      Include letters of recommendation from teachers if you plan to have them sent.  Inform your counselor of all teachers from whom you have requested a recommendation.  

      Include the $2.00 transcript fee for each application.  This fee covers sending the transcript with the application as well as a final transcript to the college that you choose to attend.  Your application will not be accepted without the transcript fee.

      Look for the notification slip from the Guidance Office which verifies where and when the application was mailed.  If you do not get this slip, check with the Guidance Office to be sure that your application was mailed.  

      Request a Transcript Request Form if you need the Registrar to send only your transcript to a college or scholarship program.  Students who submit applications on-line need to have a transcript sent from the Guidance Office.  Remember to include the $2.00 transcript fee.  Verbal requests to send a transcript will not be accepted.

      Request a transcript from J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College in order to have your college credit transferred to your college.  

      Submit your application and other necessary documents two weeks before the due date to ensure that adequate time is allowed for the counselor to complete their part of your application.  Please refer to the application deadlines on the College Application Checklist.  








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