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Great websites for parents:
(Some of the websites are related to certain issues pertaining to counseling.)

An excellent place to start researching topics on the web is called the Child & Family Webguide. This site reviews and rates websites using a "star" system that easily allows you to tell what the reviewers thought of certain websites. This site provides links to other sites and gives overviews of the sites along with the ratings that the sites received.


One website that focuses on children and all of their many activities is the following.  It is a nice resource for parents who want to make sure their children are involved.


ERIC / EECE’S National Parenting Information Network has a website that has good links, too. It is another good place to start when researching things on the web. It also offers a chat room for parents.


ERIC Clearing House on Reading, English, and Communication and the Learning Association have developed a website.  This site helps parents prepare their children to learn.  It provides tips for parents and educators.


The next website if for parents of preschoolers who are trying to ensure that their children are adequately prepared when it is time to enter kindergarten.  The site addresses kindergarten readiness. 


Parents Magazine offers an interesting and informative site that is hard to leave! It has a lot of advertising around the edges but also offers nice tidbits of information from parents in the outer edges, too! It has some topics including pregnancy, advice on children by age, family time, and community. I found an article about whether or not children are ready for kindergarten and another on ways to raise happy children.


The Learning Network’s "Parent Channel" offers another neat place to start on the web. This site has lots of information and links to newsletters about specific topics and activities for children. There is both age and grade level specific information for parents of young children.


ADDitude magazine is a magazine for parents of children with AD/HD or for adults with AD/HD. The magazine has all kinds of informative stories and lots of great tips for things like organization, weight loss, time management, and the like. The companion web site is:


Another essential website for parents of children with attention problems is this one.  It has resources for parents and children.


Reading books  to children about different topics is a great way to help children process their emotions. We do this a lot in counseling because it helps children realize that they are not alone as they deal with certain issues or problems. The following website list all kinds of books that are suitable for young children (lower elementary grades). The topics range from things like adoption and death to conflict resolution and other contemporary issues like violence in our society. This is a great all-around resource!


The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry has a neat website with lots of fact sheets for families. This website has different pages for different topics that parents may want to explore. For instance, a trip to this website can answer questions like the following:

"Why can’t my child pay attention?"

"My child has been lying lately, is that normal?"

"My husband has been diagnosed with depression. How will our children be affected?"

If you have a question about a particular topic, this website is a good place to start.


The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has good resources for parents on keeping children safe. They also have tips to share with children about keeping themselves safe.


A comprehensive website with tons of topics that vary greatly (TV viewing, divorce, birth order, depression, grandparents, and more) is:


This website is quoted as being the "most comprehensive special education advocacy site of the internet." Pamela Darr Wright, LCSW (Liscenced Clinical Social Worker) put this site together. It has different topics relating to children who might have problems with attention or who might need special education services but also has an overview of child development.


Another resource to help you if your child has a learning disability is the site put together by the National Center for Learning Disabilities.


If your child has a learning disability, you might also be interested in this site.


A neat resource for families with topics such as parenting, divorce, and childcare is:


A website related to the Safety First baby products has information on developmental stages and other important information on safety recalls.


One website clearly states and explains the developmental stages of childhood as researched by Jean Piaget. These stages are very interesting to learn about and consider in relation to where your child is functioning. Sometimes we don’t realize that there are some issues that very young children just cannot grasp. If you are not familiar with Piaget’s work, I highly recommend you glance at this site.


This website offers examples of after school programs that correlate with your child’s developmental needs.


This website from the Child Development Institute had good information but was also selling things on the site. It discussed developmental stages and play schemes.


Karen DeBord, Ph.D. developed the following website that examines changes and challenges that children of divorced parents might face.


A website that provides information about divorce and how it affects children who are in different stages of development is:


Here’s a site that discusses what a school counselor does and ways that school counselors can help parents. It also has links to various topics related to parents and parenting. Check it out!


This final site is the KIDsafe Virginia site that was developed by Governor Mark Warner.  It also provides links to other sites that might be of some interest to parents.


Good luck on the web and please let me know if there are any websites that you have found helpful or any that are not informative. Thanks!








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