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Parent Information

Is Your Student Interested in Volunteering?

Check out the site, www.hanovervolunteers.org, for volunteer opportunities.  Some ideas would be helping at the local animal shelters, at a hospital (all have volunteer offices that you can ask for when you call), church nurseries, museums, convalescent and rehab centers, etc.

If your teen has some entrepreneurial spirit, they might want to organize a neighborhood clean up group to fill trash bags and top the effort off with a cookout!  Or maybe devise a small carnival for the younger children in the neighborhood.  This type of activity shows initiative and has the important side effect of looking impressive on a college application!  (Remember the lemonade stands when they were younger?)


Are you in need of support as you embark on this crazy journey of parenting a teen? Did you know that you are eligible for four free sessions with Anna Gaskin, parent educator with Hanover County Community Services?  She can help you with parenting advice, or just be a listening ear. She also can refer you to other professionals if necessary.  Her contact number is 365-4238.

Employment Opportunities

Job openings, as well as the entire Hanover County Career Guide, are listed at www.hanovercareers.org.


Financial Aid Assistance

UVA's ACCESS plan is an innovative program to lessen the financial burden on parents of college students. ACCESS offers loan-free packages for low-income students, caps on need-based loans for all other students, and a commitment to meet 100% of need for every student.  UVA considers all admitted students for AccessUVa awards based on the FAFSA and the University Financial Aid application.

Tips for Visiting Colleges!

Tip: Generally whenever there is a student holiday, that is a good day to schedule a visit to a college or career school!

Plan your trip! Call the admissions office to register and find out about tour times, location of start of tour, where to park, etc.

If your student wishes to visit a class, inquire about that also.

Also, ask about a possible overnight stay. Students I have talked to say it helped them make a decision about which schools to apply to.

Plan to eat on campus; many admissions offices give out vouchers for the dining hall to prospective students.

Try not to give your opinion about the school until your student
has given theirs.  

Give them time to process all they have seen that day. It can be overwhelming; they often are not ready to voice their opinion on a college until a day or two has passed.

Do ask them, though, to write down their impressions in a notebook on the way home. This is for their use...to help their memory after visiting several schools.

MOST of all, enjoy this time with your teen!

  Are You a Parent of a current Ninth Grader?

A counselor will work with the freshmen in the computer lab on the Discover program. Discover is a large data base of information on occupations, schools, job search (resumes, cover letters, interviews, etc.), and inventories.


Please visit our calendar to see a list of upcoming events.

 Our Mission:  Hanover County School Counselors provide all students educational services, in collaboration with parents, school and the community, that foster
                       academic, career and social/emotional growth toward lifelong success and effective, responsible citizenship for a diverse and changing world.