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Calendar for Senior Year


  The following calendar has been devised as a check list to give you a systematic means of working through the admissions process:




Register for the October* and/or November SAT I/II. (Check with individual colleges to see if SAT IIs are required.)

Make sure you have copies of all applications you need. Check all deadlines carefully. Begin completing applications.

Take SAT I/II.



If interested, local institutions offer SAT preparation classes.  Check with Counseling Office for information.

If applying for early decision, submit applications to your counselor by October deadline.


Register for January SAT I/II.



Maintain or improve academic grades.  Colleges pay particular attention to a student's performance.

Begin checking the scholarship newsletter and read all the handouts given in your classes each month.

Continue working on college and scholarship applications and improving academic status.


Continue to obtain information from colleges and the Counseling Office and speak with college representatives visiting at your school.

Make it a habit to check for information often.



Attend Financial Aid Night at Atlee

Attend college information seminars at your school. Set up a calendar for your testing and for completing applications.  Check all deadlines carefully.

Register for December SAT I/II.


Submit NCAA Clearinghouse form.

Make an appointment with GRASP (GReater Aspiration Scholarship Program) representative.


Consider teachers who might write recommendations for you.  Ask the teacher at least two weeks before the date you need the recommendation.

Attend college information seminars at your school.- College Information/Panel Night -.


Set up visits at the college of your choice.

Attend College Night.


Take SAT I/II.





Take SAT I/II.

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Complete School & Community Scholarship Form online with a counselor.

Pick up a copy of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in Guidance.

Consult with the GRASP (Greater Richmond Area Scholarship Program) representative at you high school for help in completing the form.

Expect college responses to your applications. Keep track of acceptances, rejections, and awards of financial aid.

By December 1, submit application to your Counselor for those schools with January 1 as a deadline.

If required, take SAT II if you have not already done so.

Reply promptly to colleges to notify them of your decision.

By December 15, submit application to your Counselor for those schools with January 15 as a deadline.

By January 18, submit application to your Counselor for those schools with a February 1 deadline.

Meet the deadlines or you may lose the acceptance you were offered.


Make sure your Financial Aid Applications are mailed by the deadline.

Make a final visit to the college of your choice (after acceptance) if you still have unanswered questions.





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