Hanover County Public Schools

Scholarship Application

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E-mail address (optional):           Telephone:   

Fatherís Name:            Occupation:  

Motherís Name:        Occupation:  

Class Rank:      Cumulative GPA:

Name of institution you plan to attend:

Intended Major:              Career Choice:   

Elementary School Attended: 

Voting District: 

Name of subdivision or town you live in:

Have you ever participated in any Youth Athletic Program other than your school athletic program? 

  If so, what was the name of the program?


Employerís  Name/Address

Job Position


To:    From:            



School and Community Activities and Awards

(Check off each grade level to indicate time period of participation)















Attach a brief essay (100 words) describing your educational goals and why you feel you deserve  financial assistance to continue your education.

This completed application will qualify seniors for scholarships provided by area businesses and organizations through the schoolís Scholarship Committee.  Some organizations may request that your application be distributed for their review.  By signing this form, you and your parent give permission to distribute this application for scholarship consideration.


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Click here if you are applying for a financial need based scholarship