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Scholarship Scams


There are many free services and opportunities for scholarships.  Students must take care not to be distracted by fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices.  Here are a few quick tips to help avoid scholarship scams.

  • Most scholarships do not require an application fee.  Beware of any program or service that requests a fee.

  • Donít be distracted by official sounding names and logos.  If you have questions about an offer, see your school counselor or college financial aid officer.
  • Be cautious with announcements that you have been selected as a finalist in a contest that requires additional fees.
  • Legitimate scholarships are usually available through multiple avenues.  Scholarship seekers should be wary of services that advertise exclusive offers not found elsewhere.
  • There is no one program or service that can guarantee that you will be awarded scholarships.  Even refund guarantees may have strings attached.

Researching financial aid and scholarship opportunities requires time and patience.  Students should approach scholarship searches as a long-term project by identifying eligibility and deadlines for opportunities. Students should always consult with their school counselor or college financial aid officer.





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