Substance Use Prevention Resources

Adolescent brains are especially sensitive and susceptible to the chemicals in drugs and alcohol. Experimentation may quickly progress from casual use to heavier use, and finally to dependency. Prevention and/or early intervention can make a difference. If you are concerned about your teen, call your school’s Intervention Counselor for a confidential consultation.


HCPS Intervention Counselors

Majken Whitaker (804) 730-2503 (serving AHS, CMS, LDHS, SJMS)

Kierstin Streitel (804) 365-8043 (serving PHHS, LMS, HHS, OKMS)


Helpful Websites: (1-800-662-4357)

Prevention Resources

The Hanover Cares coalition mobilizes community awareness of substance abuse issues into actions that develop and support healthy opportunities for youth and parents. These opportunities are targeted at the reduction of substance abuse in our community. By providing educational opportunities and community-building events, the coalition promotes wellness and confidence to equip our youth with strategies for good decision-making. For more information contact Martha Lambert at 804-365-4228.


 Our Mission:  Hanover County School Counselors provide all students educational services, in collaboration with parents, school and the community,
that foster academic, career and social/emotional growth toward lifelong success and effective, responsible citizenship for a diverse and changing world.