Pattern Puzzles



Pattern Puzzles are a way to sort, organize, and categorize information. Students use sentence strips or index cards to group numerous items into categories.

When to use

this strategy:







Use Pattern Puzzles to sequence a story. Photocopy the story, cut it into sentence strips, mix up the story, then ask children to sort.

Use Pattern Puzzles to sort word families.

Use Pattern Puzzles to group seasons with activities.

Use Pattern Puzzles to group cities with their country.


What does

it look like?

Pattern Puzzles follow no specific template. The use of sentence strips or index cards with titles is all that is needed.

How to use

this strategy:

On index cards or sentence strips, write numerous words, ideas, or sentences. Students then sort the cards into various categories. Ask students to create a title for each category, if one is not already given.